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Tuesday morning (19/3/19), during the

Understanding China lesson, all international students from class 2 presented

their presentation about cities and province in China. Shanghai, Beijing,

Nanjing, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Harbin, and Yunnan were the cities and province

that the students explained about. The special thing about today’s Understanding

China lesson was that the international students from class 1 joined to learn

more about China together with students from class 2.



Through today’s presentations, students

learned a lot about the China’s diverse history, climate, travel destinations,

culture, and local foods in each cities and province. The teacher Cheng also

prepared one of the most famous China’s culinary in Shanghai, Xiao Long Bao or

steamed bun, to be enjoyed together. A bite of China, sensing every city

through your taste buds, may be one of the best ways to do it.



Later at the afternoon, the students

participated the origami class. Everyone was very excited to learn how to make

many types of origami. We used the red-colored origami paper that represents

happiness in Chinese culture. I'm going to send my origami to my friends in

Indonesia. Other than that, students also learned about an ancient poetry

titled “Cūn Jū”. In this paper folding class, students not only learned paper

folding, but also learned poetry. They were very interested in Chinese culture,

and all of them were very happy.




A lively and interesting day.




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